Does the cost include courier costs?

The courier costs are calculated based on your destination, shown separately and included in the total cost.

What courier company do you use?

The Courier Guy

Why is the courier cost more for the Bicycle Travel Bag?

The courier costs is calculated based on your destination, and size of the product. The Bicycle Travel Bag is bigger and heaver than any of our other bags therefore the courier cost is more.

How will the courier cost work with bulk orders?

The courier costs is calculated based on your destination, and size of the product. Up to 3 bags can be boxed and counts as one shipment to the address you provide for the listed courier price. If you order 4 bags, 2 boxes will be charged for. So the total courier cost on bulk orders will be calculated on 3 bags per box.

The invoice will be manually update with the new courier cost on our side once your order has been placed for more than 3 bags and resent to you for payment.

Excluding the Bicycle Travel Bag, the size and weight of this bag only allows for one bag per box. 

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.

Can I send my own courier?

Yes you can, but the product will only be released once payment reflects in our account.

Items can only be collected by prior arrangement.

Are there different colours available for the bags?

The colours available are shown per item.

Can the bags be customised?

Special customization can be considered based on the item, workload and the complexity.  Additional cost will be quoted.

Can the items be branded with corporate logos?

Corporate orders are welcome.  Quotes will be prepared, and work will continue once the deposit is received.